Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hey, Let’s Hook Up.

Relax…this isn’t what you think it is.  Instead, it is about hooking up a new water heater at your home or in your office.  For those of us who are not extremely handy AND strong enough to maneuver one of these monsters, that can be a tall order indeed.  Still, we want you to know some of the steps that are taken.

Here are just some of those steps –

1.  Completely drain the tank.
2.  Disconnect the gas AND water lines.
3.  The fun part…set the new water heater perfectly into place.
4.  Install the water line connections.
5.  Then connect the gas supply line.

And on it goes.  This is the job of a professional.  That man and his trained team is Justin Day the owner of Daylight Electric and Appliance.  They are water heater installation pros serving Belen NM and the surrounding area of Albuquerque.  Trust Justin and his team with your new construction or existing home by calling (505) 864-3980.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sick and Tired of being Cold?

When we talk about being sick and tired we mean it literally.  An improperly heated home or office can make people sick and it certainly can wear you down.  It seems like winter should be over soon in the Albuquerque area, but if you have lived here long enough you know that is not true in early February.

Here are a few signs that you need to be thinking seriously about replacing your furnace –

1.  It has reached “retirement age”.  That is usually about 18-20 years, but it could vary.
2.  Increasing service calls.  At some point, just replace it already!
3.  Look at your heating bill.  Has it gone up dramatically in the last few winters?

If you have made the decision to have a new furnace installed, we will be there for you.  We are Daylight Electric and Appliance.  We have been serving Belen NM and the surrounding area for a very long time with expert repair and replacement of any and all models of furnaces.  Why not warm up to the idea?  Give us a call at (505) 864-3980.