Monday, June 22, 2020

It May be Time to get Rewired.

Regardless of how well a commercial building’s electrical system is designed, it will eventually need upgrades.  Improving electrical systems improves building utility and occupant safety, but it should be done carefully…this is not like giving the walls a fresh coat of paint!  What if you feel that your business’ electrical system no longer fills your needs?

Here are some areas to consider before rewiring –

1.  Lighting…always a major consideration
2.  Information technology…poor quality wiring can have very negative effects
3.  Emergency lighting…to help occupants exit the building swiftly and safely
4.  Meeting power requirements

One thing is absolutely certain…you need professional electricians to properly perform the job!  In Belen and the Central New Mexico area the company to call is Daylight Electric and HVAC.  You will “see the light” soon after you call Daylight Electric and HVAC.  That phone number is (505) 864-3980.  

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Conversion Therapy.

It’s not what you may be thinking.  In this case, it’s about converting your Belen area home from natural gas to electricity for a new stove, dryer, hot water heater, etc.  Many of you out there are big fans of electricity and are very stubborn when conversion is brought up.  We certainly understand that!

The dryer and stove both require 220-volt outlets so an electrician will need to run cables to those locations and install the outlets.  Depending on where they’re located, this could be easy or very difficult.  If the dryer is in the basement, it’s a matter of running the cable from the electrical panel to wherever the dryer is.  If the dryer is upstairs, the cable will probably have to be run through the walls.

Be that as it may, to make sure that everything electric is hooked up 100% correctly and guaranteed you should call Daylight Electric and Appliance located in Belen, NM.  Wherever you live in the Central New Mexico area they are dedicated to solving electric appliance connection challenges in your home.  Just call them at (505) 864-3980.