Monday, May 13, 2019

Stay Wired My Friends.

It might have been something that Timothy Leary would have said, but in this case it refers to the safety of the wiring in your home.  Outdated, damaged or otherwise poorly installed and maintained wiring is not something to take lightly!  There are hundreds of residential electrical fires in the Albuquerque area each year.

Here are some warning signs that demand your attention –

1.  Has a circuit breaker tripped?
2.  Be on the lookout for flickering lights.
3.  Look for any wiring that may be frayed or chewed.
4.  Search for any discoloration caused by smoke.
5.  Use your nose.  Sniff for odors of burning.

If any or all of these are prevalent in your home immediately reach for the phone and save the day!  Call Daylight Electric and Appliance Belen’s one of the Albuquerque area’s top home and office electrician.  They will come in and troubleshoot as well as repair your electrical problem giving you peace of mind again.  Call Daylight Electric and Appliance at (505) 864-3980.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Things are Heating Up Around Here.

It won’t be long now when Central New Mexico weather heats up and we will turn on our home’s air conditioner for the first time.  Waiting to see IF it works at peak efficiency this season could be disastrous if you have not followed some simple steps first.  This will give you some peace of mind going into June.

Before turning on your air conditioning –

1.  Check your thermostat.  Is it outdated?
2.  Look for exposed ductwork.
3.  Check the air vents.
4.  Look carefully at your drain line.
5.  Inspect the outdoor condenser unit.
6.  Does the electrical wiring show signs of wear and tear?

Before you begin these steps (and several others) do the smart thing!  Call Daylight Electric and Appliance serving Belen and greater Albuquerque.  They will do whatever is necessary to make sure that your home’s a/c cranks along at peak efficiency this summer.  Call them before things really heat up at (505) 864-3980.