Monday, September 17, 2018

It Seems Like Close Encounters of the Third Kind Around Here.

Sometimes electrical problems can seem downright extraterrestrial.  Lights flicker when you turn on your microwave, outlets work intermittently, fuses blow, a circuit breaker keeps tripping, maybe you have even detected sparks or noticed occasional smoke coming from an outlet or appliance in your home.

Stop the madness!  One thing is certain, this is NOT some faulty toilet or clogged sink.  This is a possible danger to you and everyone in your household.  The problem or problems need to be detected and identified.  Tests need to be run in a proper and safe manner, and a professional needs to repair the situation.

You are on your best behavior…don’t mess with electricity!  Call Daylight Electric and Appliance immediately.  This is not a problem that is going to go away, and you are not going to sleep with one eye open.  Daylight Electric serves the needs of Belen and the Albuquerque area.  Go to or call (505) 864-3980.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

¡Globalquerque! 2018: September 21-22

(Click the link above for more information)

"¡Globalquerque! 2018 will take place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (1701 4th St SW, at Avenida César Chávez). Enjoy musical performances in the intimate courtyard setting of the Fountain Courtyard, the state of the art 692-seat Albuquerque Journal Theatre and dance outside on the Plaza Mayor."


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

I know, who wants to think about that in early September?  How long have you lived in the Albuquerque area?  If it has been more than a year, you know that colder weather comes fast and hits hard some seasons.  If your furnace conks out from the get-go you will be miserable for a period of time until it is fixed.

Here are some tips to employ as soon as you can –

1.  Crank up your thermostat.  If you don’t hear the heat kick in that may be a bad sign.
2.  Make sure that the air filters are changed with the new season.
3.  Clean the heat exchanger.
4.  Lubricate the blower motor.
5.  Test the ignitor switch.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…we are getting into some professional territory here!  Before you go messing around with your heating system you may want to strongly consider calling the HVAC pros at Daylight Electric and Appliance Inc.  They are the heating and a/c people who have been serving Belen and ABQ for many years.  Please keep the number handy (505) 864-3980.