Monday, September 14, 2020

The Great Shutdown.

We already went through that earlier in the year. This one is not nearly as dramatic, but may be just as important to your household. What steps should you take when you shut off your Belen area home’s air conditioning system for the final time in 2020? Are you aware that there are steps you should be taking?

Here are some of those steps –

1. Find the correct power switch and flip it from on to off.

2. Thoroughly clean the outdoor unit. 

3.Provide a cover for winter. 

4.Check it periodically throughout the cold weather.

The best advice may well be call the licensed professional air conditioning repair and maintenance experts for Belen and Central New Mexico. That would be Daylight Electric and HVAC. They will inspect, clean, replace parts if necessary, and talk to you about the future of your A/C unit. Look them up at and call (505) 864-3980.