Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Underground vs. Overhead Electrical Feeders.

First of all, you should never mess with either, but it may be beneficial to know about them.  When you deal with service entrance cables in new Belen and ABQ area homes the question often comes up about underground and overhead feeders. Are underground feeds better than overhead feeds? 

Underground is safer but may be much more expensive.  The advantage of the underground feed is that there are no visible wires present, virtually eliminating the possibility of damage by storms.  With overhead service the feeder cables are exposed and suspended between the power pole and your home exposing them to the elements.

There are other factors to consider, but only one company to choose when installing or repairing underground or overhead electrical feeders.  That company is Daylight Electric and Appliance.  They have served the electrical needs of Belen and the surrounding Albuquerque area for many years.  Call them today at (505) 864-3980.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Flush Once a Year.

No, not your toilet, of course (we don’t even want to imagine that!), but rather your home’s water heater.  Yes, your water heater should be flushed once every year.  What exactly happens when a plumber flushes your water heater?  Well, he empties it into an approved drain, then fills the water back up.

That is the how, what about the why?  Think of it much like changing your car’s oil.  In this case, your water heater needs regular maintenance for top performance.  A water heater flush clears out sediment and minerals, such as calcium and lime, that could impede your heater’s performance.  Sediment builds up in the tank and that insulates it from the flame.

The job is a simple one for a certified plumber with experience in flushing, and repairing water heaters.  That is the work of Daylight Electric and Appliance serving the plumbing and electrical needs of the Belen and Albuquerque area for many years.  It beats the cost of a new water heater!  Give Daylight Electric and Appliance a call at (505) 864-3980.