Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Underground Pedestals and Subterranean Enclosers.

No, this is not spelunking 101.  These are electrical devices that are needed for homes and businesses throughout the Albuquerque area.  Installing them safely and securely is just part of what we do.  When it comes to distributing power, pedestals enable the connection of underground cables to several customers within the cabinets.

Subterranean enclosers are switchboxes that are installed underground and are suitable for installing all types of equipment for either permanent or temporary conductivity.  They can remain underground both actively and passively.  Don’t worry, you do not have to understand all of this, because we do!

The ins and outs of electrical installation and repair are why we exist here in our home of Belen and around greater Albuquerque.  We are Daylight Electric and Appliance and as the name suggests if you need electrical work or appliances installed, we are the one and only call you need to make.  Call us at (505) 864-3980.

Downtown Summerfest 2019 - Aug 3, 2019

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This free family-friendly event features fun for the whole family including an artisan market, microbrew garden, food trucks and live entertainment from local and national acts in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

It’s Hot in Here…No Kidding.

Sure, it’s hot in your house now, but that won’t last much longer.  Few feelings compare to walking into your warm house, with its efficient furnace, away from the piercing wind-chills and snowy winter weather outside.  I know it seems weird to talk about this in July, but you may be glad that you tackled your home’s heating system in late summer.

Traditional furnaces burn seven days a week, 365 days a year, which is why many ABQ area homeowners are asking, “Should I turn my furnace off over the summer?” The answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no,” however.  It’s based on several factors, like your type of furnace and its household use, as well as your personal preferences.

Daylight Electric and Appliance of Belen wants you to stay on top of your home’s heating and air conditioning system.  None of us in the Albuquerque area want to wake up on one late September morning shivering because our furnace stopped working efficiently!  For your heating and air conditioning needs call Daylight Electric and Appliance at (505) 864-3980.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Zap…Wiring a Central A/C Unit.

A central heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, better known as HVAC, unit requires a dedicated circuit and wiring for the unit's electrical load.  Near the air-conditioning unit, someone must also install a power disconnect box on the same circuit that they wire the HVAC unit.  That’s electrician 101!

Here are some of the steps that a professional HVAC installer will take –

1.  It starts with locating the service panel electric box.
2.  Find the main switch.
3.  Turn it off.
4.  Find any electrical outlet to make sure that there is absolutely NO power.
5.  Use the right tools and clothing for working with electricity.

Zap, indeed!  That is what we are all trying to avoid.  This is a job for a professional electrician.  In Belen and the greater Albuquerque area those HVAC pros are found at Daylight Electric and Appliance.  No matter if it is a single home or a commercial job Daylight Electric is the right choice.  Give them call at (505) 864-3980.