Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Is Water Heater Installation a DIY Job?

Perhaps you have decided to install your own water heater. Maybe you want to save a few bucks, or you actually want to test your own plumbing skills. We urge you to stop and consider the potential consequences. There are good reasons water heater installation accounts for a significant portion of the price of a new unit.

Here are some things to consider –

1. Safety first…we can’t emphasize this enough if you are not a plumbing pro. 

2. Having the correct tools of the trade on hand. 

3. You bought the wrong size…now it is a classic case of a round peg in a square hole. 

4. Staying within code…permitting agencies can be pretty strict about code violations.

Have you read enough? If you want your Belen area home to have its water heater installed right the first time guaranteed you should call Daylight Electric & HVAC at (505) 864-3980.     

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